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My caps from season one of Yellowjackets (720P). The women are Jasmin Savoy Brown, Sophie Thatcher, Courtney Eaton, Liv Hewson and Ella Purnell. Sophie Thatcher is the blonde and Courtney Eaton is the one with pokies.

Except for the one too dark frame from Liv Hewson in episode 9

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all the nudity is from Jasmin Savoy Brown (in episode 9 above and episode 6 below).

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I don’t know if that’s meant to be a nod to when the only exception to the ‘no nudity’ policy on (American) television was nudity from African tribeswomen in PBS documentaries.

There aren’t too many tv shows or movies based on plane crashes I think, but these are the other ones I’m aware of.

1.Lord of the Flies, 1954 movie, based on the book.

2.The New People, 1969 tv show. The backstory of this show is better than what I’ve seen of the show. Executive produced by Aaron Spelling and produced by Rod Serling. The first episode was written by Rod Serling under a pseudonym. It’s available on It’s completely hamfisted. The worst of Rod Serling. I like to think that Aaron Spelling asked him to write it that way.

The show concerns a bunch of young people whose plane crashes on an island that was meant to be a nuclear test site. However, the test was called off but all the housing and provisions were left on the island. All the adults on the plane were killed in the crash with the exception of the civil servant who told them about the island and that it was far away from everything else including shipping lanes and plane routes. (Thus why it was an ideal site for a nuclear bomb test.) At the end of the episode, he also dies.

The young characters are all cariactures, including the impossibly stupid jock. I tend to sympathize with the attitudes of the young people of the sixties, but the only line I liked was when the young people are told their U.S goodwill trip is coming to an end unless they stop attracting unwanted attention to themselves. When one young person complains ‘that’s slavery’ the civil servant increduously asks “Your idea of slavery is a round the world trip paid for by the American government?” This was obviously a nod to the sentiment of many Americans regarding the university protests of the 1960s.

3.Hey, I’m Alive. A 1975 made for tv movie based on a true story of two Americans who survived in the Yukon wilderness for 49 days. Starring Sally Struthers and Ed Asner it aired on late night television for a while in the 1980s. It’s available on Youtube.

4.Alive, 1993 movie. Based on the true story of the survivors of the Uruguayan rugby team whose plane crashed in the Andes.

5.Lost, 2004-2010 tv show. The only thing I really know about this show is that the writers were apparently also completely lost by the end. Blame it on the tv writers strike at that time, maybe.

6.Flight 29 Down. A 2005-2007 live action morning tv show made for and starring children. Inspired by Lost but without the paranormal stuff.I saw an episode of this some years after it first aired. It’s better than The New People.

The creators of Yellowjackets mentioned the show was inspired by Alive and Lost (and obviously bigly to Lord of the Flies), but there do seem to be nods to the other shows as well. Without giving any serious spoilers, apparently in the second season it’s determined they’re lost in the Canadian wilderness, even though they flew in the United States. That was what happened in Hey, I’m Alive! as well where the pilot started in Alaska but went off course due to the terrible weather and ended up in the Yukon wilderness.”

Some samples:

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Johnny Moronic’s comments:

“New Australian Amazon series which is a satire of the dour mystery thrillers that have cropped up in the past decade with a very heavy female tilt. Suitably set in Tasmania where a growing number of these local mysteries have been set recently. It’s not bad, there’s a few laughs along the way and Madeleine Sami’s incredibly broad out-of-town slob detective is really something.”