I too can recall when Buddy Holly played a concert in Salt Lake City in 1958 and was so inspired by the Tabernacle that he converted to LDS. The weird thing was that his drummer disappeared during the tour, and the rumor was that Holly ate him.

The real story turned out to be more interesting than I expected. And even more disgusting.

Soused Stepdad opines, in his usual subtle, sensitive way:

Benson has been cured of her lesbianism thanks to Billionaire Brandon Davis of Lohan Fire Crotch fame, and his rich dude seed has been giving her the hormonal balance to turn her into the hottest she’s been in a long time…no longer a dumpy dyke with the sloppy tits hating cock…but rather a sperm filled cock lover the way she was born to be…..

She rose from an impoverished working-class background to become one of the most respected actresses in the English-speaking world, and then to win a seat in Parliament.

She started to act again in 2015. The following year, she made her return to the Old Vic at age 80, after a 25-year absence, as Shakespeare’s King Lear, a gender-bending turn that earned her nearly universal praise.


She was also part of the first generation of distinguished actresses who took roles that demanded substantial nudity. She told a reporter that she was the first actress in London to go on stage completely nude. This happened in The Theater of Cruelty, an experimental project of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

In films, Julie Christie was the real nudity trailblazer among the acclaimed actresses of that generation, having done a nude scene as early as 1965, and Vanessa Redgrave took second place in 1966, but it was really Glenda Jackson and Helen Mirren who followed that path so boldly in the late 60s and early 70s that they shattered all the taboos. Mirren, of course, kept at it for decades, while Jackson’s nude career was compressed into just seven years, 1968-1975, as seen below.

Negatives (1968)

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Women in Love (1969)

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Sunday Bloody Sunday (1971)

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The Music Lovers (1971)

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The Romantic Englishwoman (1975)

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Glenda also posed for some see-through pictures for Mary Ellen Mark in 1970.