These are specifically from episodes 9,11 and 12

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Johnny Moronic had some notes:

I capped this show because I was alerted to the possibility of an alternate edit of a scene that aired on the current SBS airing of the show. It turns out that the SBS version is 8×45-50 minutes episodes instead of the original 12×30 minute episodes. For the most part it’s exactly the same but in the 6th episode of the SBS version (9th in the original), various scenes are edited differently or in a different order. One such scene from the episode is the one where Daisy is being photographed but she’s not into it. The scene in the SBS version is a minute longer and there are a few extra shots with a little bit more nudity. It’s only a few seconds at the most and the rest of the time is made up of above the shoulder scenes featuring Daisy.

I’ve capped the SBS version off their OnDemand site and added it below. They seem to have changed the way it’s coded on the site because usually I could easily rip the episodes of SBS OnDemand but this was a pain in the arse to get and I got lucky with a last chance method. There’s still two more episodes to air tomorrow and I’ll have a look to see if anything else is different but it’s unlikely.

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Johnny Moronic’s commments about this film:

“Been looking for the movie for 20 years and finally a HD copy of the movie was released and I can finally re-cap it. Shame the movie is very dark so some scenes are hard to see much of anything. Good luck getting a better copy. Technically, this was Anna Faris’s second movie with her next movie being Scary Movie. That’s a helluva jump from dog shit teen horror where she plays a cheerleader who gets disembowelled by a hook hand…”

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