This is the new Mel Gibson movie, for those who think we still need Mel Gibson movies.

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The director is Michael Oblowitz. You may be thinking “Who dat?” Well, this movie is rated 5.2 at IMDb, which makes it his second best! Twenty years ago he made two Steven Seagal movies that are probably the worst of Seagal’s career (each rated 3.4), and I’m sure you understand that wasn’t easy to achieve. I mention this just to show you that Mel Gibson has fallen so far from grace that he’s starring in a Michael Oblowitz film.

Some excerpts from my reviews follow, if you’re interested.

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The WAPO featured this headline:

“State affirmative action bans helped White, Asian students, hurt others”

A quick look at the data indicates that the headline should read “State affirmative action bans helped White, Black, Asian students, hurt others.”

The headline does not say that, presumably because it is extremely inconvenient for the liberal narrative to admit that Black students do better in the states that ban affirmative action.

As you can see in WAPO’s own chart (below), the main beneficiaries of AA, by far, are Hispanics, who are brought from significant underrepresentation almost all the way to population parity by Affirmative Action.

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If you want to design a program that benefits Hispanics, there’s a much easier and totally constitutional way: just give admissions preference to any student who is totally fluent in more than one language. If, on the other hand, you want to extend a helping hand to Black students, the great brains at Harvard and elsewhere should be able to create a system that works better than the existing Affirmative Action models, which don’t seem to have worked at all for that purpose.

(Note: black students are still dramatically underrepresented in both groups, with or without AA, when measured as a percent of the population. In other words, even those who actively seek diversity should realize that it was probably time to shelve the existing Affirmative Action programs and replace them with some new schemes. The Supreme Court’s action will apparently have a negative impact on Hispanic students, but not so much for other minorities, who have apparently not been helped significantly by any of the existing admission models, with or without AA.)

This one had to be one of the least expected perfectos in history.

  • In his last two starts, German was totally shelled (ten runs in three innings, seven runs in two innings).
  • German had never even thrown a complete game in his entire career.
  • He had only won 10 games in the last four years combined.
  • He came into the game with an ERA over 5.

I wouldn’t call it the least likely perfecto. After all, a younger German had once been one of the best pitchers in the league, In 2019 he posted an 18-4 record.

In comparison:

Philip Humber (who?) threw one in 2012, a year in which he had a 6.44 ERA. Humber was then with his fourth team in seven years, and had won only 11 major league games in the previous six summers. He would soon be out of the majors altogether, following a disastrous 0-8 mark in 2013. He finished his MLB career 16-23 with a 5.31 ERA. Many people wondered how he ever got to the majors in the first place. His lifetime ERA in triple A ball was 4.57, and he did not finish with a lifetime w/l pct over .500 at any level.

The perfecto was his first win of the year, and it would be more than a month before he would win another, but it takes talent to throw a perfecto against major league hitters, and he flashed his best self that day against a Mariners line-up that included Ichiro!