An advance look at Jennifer Lawrence completely naked in No Hard Feelings (2023)

A low-quality cam:

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It’s a fight scene, and she’s stark naked. Here is a .gif.

The HD version should be amazing. This could be up there with the legendary Daddario and Eva Green scenes.

25 thoughts on “An advance look at Jennifer Lawrence completely naked in No Hard Feelings (2023)

  1. Everyone’s seen her naked from every possible angle. My guess is she’s doing this to “take back control” and show nudity on her terms.

  2. Holy Shit! I can’t believe J-Law would do this kind of nudity when she doesn’t have to….and in a comedy yet! In what looks like a sleazy teen-age sex comedy at that. Truly amazing. Would love to know what her thought process was.

    And yeah, this does look it will be epic for fans of celebrity nakidity. Wowzers.

    1. I don’t believe there’s any reliable way to know what anyone’s thought process was, ever.

    2. These decisions are never done by actors themselves. There is a studio that wants to do this and she is up for it. There’s no problem finding big name actresses to do it, you need the big money backing it.

      1. I dunno, studios haven’t made ANY comedies, let alone sex comedies, in ages, Lawrence must have sold them on this not the other way around – either way, between this & full frontal Scarlett, are we finally seeing the end of the sexless Marvel era?

      2. No problem finding big name actress to do full frontal nudity in a comedy film?!

        Most won’t even do it in serious dramas.

        1. The amount of female nudity in Hollywood films is not determined by the actresses. I understand that Hollywood likes to make it seem that way, but it is absurd. These are multi-billion dollar companies that will do whatever they want, they don’t make changes based on actresses. Hollywood has always gone thru periods where they increase the amount of nudity and then decrease it. Whenever they increase the amount, many actresses suddenly do nude scenes that had never done them before. If Hollywood increased it by 100x, they would have no problem finding actresses to do it. They simply put a price tag on it and they haven’t wanted nude actresses to become a cheap commodity.

          Hollywood is run as a business and they print mostly lies in the other media that they also own. When actors are on talk shows, they are representing the company they work for and do not speak what they really think. I get that most people believe a lot of what they read and hear, but its all a part of business designed to make the most money they can get and it is all controlled by huge companies. Every actor is 100% replaceable.

          1. This. I wouldn’t spin it quite that way, but… The fact is that all of the public statements we’re likely to have access to—to reach our own conclusions about what we’re looking at, what was done, & how it was done—are made in service of individual obligations & objectives.

            “Hollywood” being monolithic & dominated by the major studio “system” is somewhat a thing of the past. So, my spin would be to focus on direct contracts among actors, producers, & investors. I’d elide your “huge companies”.

            A film-making “package” is a collection of deals bundled up into a fictional umbrella company, made up for the particular, specific film. There may be controlling rights, franchises, & what-not, too.

            In short, the “horses” we’re getting all our “direct scoops” from are always operating under a combination of legal restrictions & pushing careers & personal brands.

            Stories about particular projects & events tend to vary over time, even from the same person, & not just between accounts by different witnesses. They may or may not bear an element of truth. That is, as far as I’m concerned, by default, they’re fabrications.

      3. You’re not wrong, but JLaw is also the producer on this movie, and her company (Excellent Cadaver) made the movie. So she was in more of a decision-making role than the average actress. That said, she may have been all-in on the idea as a way to generate buzz for the movie.

        1. That said, she “may have been” in a position of take-it-or-leave-it, or she “may have” volunteered of her own free will. She took the job, did the deed, & the rest is speculation.

        1. I wasn’t asking any question about “should”, though. We’ve seen many pics of her shaved pubes. For her to actually have the bush we’re seeing here, she would’ve had to grow it in, some time between then & now. So the bet would be over, did she do so? If not, then she’s wearing a merkin. It’s a simple question of fact, not some kind of fantasy / alternate reality. I don’t really think we’ll ever know the answer for sure.

    1. I’ve seen some ads for it on YouTube, and it seems to be a comedy. You can probably find a trailer for it somewhere.

      1. Definitely a retro film. Jennifer has a certain period of time to turn a wimp into a confident man. Very 1980s concept.

  3. My favorite! Nude fight scenes!

    Well, next to naked surfing. And naked gymnastics. And naked ballet.

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