Emma Watson shilling for swanky bullshit

6 thoughts on “Emma Watson shilling for swanky bullshit

  1. I’m a big Emma fan. I like her and I think she’s super cute.

    That said, this is a terrible shot.

  2. There is no amount of cute to overcome her turning on JK. She can go back to well-deserved obscurity.

    1. Emma’s amount of cute overcame her turning on me. Her amount of cute above turned me on just now. I’d be happy to bask in my own well-deserved obscurity, all for her.

      As for JK, she single-handedly made anti-trans posturing a viable maneuver for the conservative’s diversionary agenda. Damn straight that I reversed course after that. I kicked myself that I’d been stupid enough to see all the movies & read all the books.

      Then I turned my back on all of it. What I’d really known all along, that the books were infantile stories meant only for children, suddenly became crystal clear to me, & I could no longer turn a blind eye to the truth: that none of this had never been “serious literature”. Not that it couldn’t be entertaining, but then the Herbie movies had entertained a lot of us, too.

      Emma Watson is not Hermione Grainger. She’s an actor, & was one the whole time. Patrick Stewart shat all over Star Trek once his 7-year stint playing Captain Picard was up. Now he’s back on that old gravy train. Harrison Ford shat all over Hollywood, now here he is back at the trough. I wish they’d both fade away into obscurity, too. They deserve that. But no, do I get my way? Huh. Fat chance, right?

  3. Eh, taste is subjective, I don’t care what y’all think. To some, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is plain. I love Kate Winslet, but to me, she’s plain. Y’all shouldn’t care what I think. I do think Emma’s pretty. That’s an opinion, not a fact. She’s managed to carve off a lot of the baby fat that used to be her legs. That’s a fact. Good on her for that. She’s as sexy right now as she’s ever been, to me. YMMV. Say what you want to the contrary, I’m not about to pass any of your messages along to my dick.

  4. Watson is also shilling for her and her brother’s gin company…

    “Emma Watson and Her Brother Are Launching a New Gin Made From Wine Grapes”

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