Trompe l’oeil? Or Jemima Kirke in a See-Through Top?

Is it just a shirt with breasts painted on it?

Actress Jemima Kirke showing boobs in a see through while attending the JW Anderson and SSENSE Bumper Hike Sneaker Launch Party in New York City!”


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7 thoughts on “Trompe l’oeil? Or Jemima Kirke in a See-Through Top?

  1. to me, if you look at the black piece of cloth next to her boob, it looks like the distances are different in different pics, I think its hers.

  2. Is that an actual see through top or one with boobs printed on it? It looks to me more like a print.

      1. Well, the neck and shoulders are on the shirt certainly not her own, and I think the stomach shown isn’t hers either. Notice the creases.

        I think it’s most likely a printed photoshopped image that puts someone’s breasts – maybe her own – on a man’s body. There’s a possibility there’s a see through patch exactly on the boob, but it would be very impressive for it to be so seamless and well aligned in all the shots.

        I mean, it’s a cool picture regardless, I’m not complaining, just trying to understand what I’m seeing.

        1. I think it’s painted mesh. With no paint around the nipple area. Notice the “skin” color changes from the shoulder and upper pectoral to where the breasts are.

        2. It looks like the necklace/pendant she’s wearing is underneath the material. Unless that’s printed on as well.

          1. The necklace/pendant is definitely printed on – you can see in shots from other angles that it’s two dimensional. It also is placed too low to go around her actual neck – it’s around the neck that’s printed on her shirt.

            The only question is are the nipples part of the printing or her actual nipples. I don’t think any of the pictures I’ve seen answer that conclusively, though as I have expressed above, personally I’m skeptical.

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