Lindsay Wagner with a bionic breast exposed

Lindsay Wagner At Home In Los Angeles. Los Angeles, May 1978,

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Photo by Benjamin Auger/Paris Match.

TRIVIA: The series is called Super Jamie in France.

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  1. Glenda Jackson at one time was called “the thinking man’s Raquel Welch”, which doesn’t really make any sense, but she was one of the first A-list actress (arguably *the* first) to regularly get nekkid on screen, so for that she deserves a place in the Other Crap HoF. She started the British tradition that Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet, Helena Bonham Carter, et al carried on.

  2. Three RIPs
    1.Glenda Jackson, long time actress and then Labour Party M.P and cabinet minister.

    2.Cormac McCarthy, author of many books including No Country for Old Men

    3.Roger Payne, the US scientist who spurred a worldwide environmental conservation movement with his discovery that whales could sing, has died. He was 88.

    Payne produced the album Songs of the Humpback Whale in 1970. A surprise hit, the record galvanized a global movement to end the practice of commercial whale hunting and save the cetaceans from extinction. It remains the best-selling environmental album in history.

    1. Glenda Jackson co-starred in one of my favorite comedies, Hopscotch, with Walter Matthau. Matthau plays a CIA agent who is reassigned to a desk job by Ned Beatty. Instead of taking the job, Matthau shreds his CIA file and flies to Europe to see Glenda Jackson, his once and future flame. He writes the first chapter of a memoir promising to reveal all of the CIAs (and other agencies’) dirty laundry. He then mails copies of the chapter to the CIA, the KGB, and every other major intelligence agency. Basically, he’s challenging them all to find and kill him before he finishes the book. My favorite scene had to be when (spoilers for a 43-year-old movie) Ned Beatty discovers that Matthau had rented his summer house in Georgia. The FBI and CIA surround the place, and Matthau tricks them with firecrackers into opening fire and destroying the house. They then chase Matthau’s truck until he pulls a lever to spill a barrel full of oil across the road. After Ned Beatty extracts himself from his wrecked car he says, “Now I know What FBI stands for, Fucking Ball-Breaking Idiots!!!”

      I wonder if Trump likes that scene too? I bought the movie on DVD a few years ago, but for some reason, it contained an edited TV version that swapped out all the naughty language. “Freaking, Back-Breaking, Idiots,” just isn’t the same.

      RIP Isobel von Schönenberg (aka Glenda Jackson).

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