Tommie-Amber Pirie in The Amityville Curse

After more than 40 years, filmmakers are still milking the Amityville cash cow. In this case, it’s a re-make of a sequel.

Tommie-Amber Pirie is theoretically topless here, and I suppose she might be, but it’s an unsatisfying scene:

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10 thoughts on “Tommie-Amber Pirie in The Amityville Curse

  1. Not a specific film, but anything that people refer to as part of the ‘cinematic universe’ (like the Marvel Cinematic Universe) is going too far to me.

    On the original ‘Amityville’ book and movie, the original from around 1980 is goofy, but everything ramps each other up. The book is more dramatic than the original interviews, the first movie is more dramatic than the book and the remake is laughably over the top.

    For anybody with an interest in what might have actually gone on – and I don’t think it should be dismissed entirely – as, as I’ve mentioned here before, the claims of incidents at Skinwalker ranch are quite similar – the only Amityville program worth seeing is the ‘In Search Of’ episode.

  2. I have never, ever watched any movie with the word “Amityville” in the title, and it’ll take a whole lot more than that to break my streak. What about the rest of you? Are there any other title words that all but guarantee you won’t be watching that chunk of cinema? (“Centipede” also springs to mind.)

    1. The first one became popular because it was “true.”

      The others have just been standard boilerplate horror films.

      But you can’t hate a franchise that got Diane Franklin naked.

      1. The remake followed the story template of the first film though, which was based on the book. It was just outlandishly over the top.

        George Lutz is cold and can’t sleep properly and this negatively effects his boat business and the dog keeps howling at night. They ask for a priest to bless the house. Things keep getting worse and they flee shortly thereafter.

      2. Diane Franklin was far more naked in other films. The Amityville movie with her was a disappointment with all the best stuff left on the cutting room floor. I don’t know how they managed to mess that up with how lousy the movie was.

    2. Not the title but the words “Tom Cruise” obliterates any chance I’ll be watching. Last time a penny of my $ went to Scientology was “Risky Business” when I knew no better

          1. Oh yeah, Tropic Thunder is very funny. Of course, you probably won’t recognize Tom Cruise, but he mocks himself in it as well.

          2. Like a couple of books I that read first, I felt that the film (even tho it is based on the book) was a poor knock off, with a changed ending.

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