Another awesome headline from the British tabloids

NEW AI sex robots could blackmail or kill their owner, warn terrified experts”

My takeaway:

1. Experts are easily terrified.

2. Experts have watched Blade Runner too many times.

3. But just in case, I’m sticking with the OLD AI sex robots.

4 thoughts on “Another awesome headline from the British tabloids

  1. A new AI sexbot loses a third of its value in the time it takes to drive it off the lot. That’s why I always buy used. Sure, the warranty’s expired, but you can learn a lot from a good test drive.

  2. Wait! Didn’t the opening episode of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex somewhat forshadow that this may happen?

    1. The original manga did more than foreshadow. Dude just wanted one of his sexdolls to wipe the sweat from his brow and she tried to pull his head off.

      Fortunately his security sexdoll shot the malfunctioning robot first. Technology is grand.

      This is why we have speculative fiction so we can work these problems out beforehand.

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