Aussie model Natalie Roser bootylicious

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4 thoughts on “Aussie model Natalie Roser bootylicious

  1. Sorry, but something is definitely wrong with that butt cheek. If I had to guess, someone has photoshopped it to make it totally round but has inadvertently caused the upper thigh to thicken and square off as a result. Kinda like a basketball glued to a tree trunk.

    1. Maybe this has something to do with her being from Australia, the same place the kangaroos evolved? I think that makes sense; according to standard Lysenkoist principles, other Australian species would tend to develop more powerful hindquarters too.

    2. …or maybe her ass looks like that cos she’s…walking? I think the triangley thong is part of it too, illusion or not.
      Hey any Aussies out there? Is that beach Tamarama?

    3. I think her left arm is casting a shadow on that buttcheek.

      I think I need to see it without the yellow thingy to really make the call…

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