R.I.P. Pee-wee Herman

7 thoughts on “R.I.P. Pee-wee Herman

  1. So the previous four posts:

    – Booty
    – Booty
    – Booty
    – Booty

    And then this one.

    And I guess it’s fitting, because Pee Wee Herman was a real ass.

    (not Paul Reubens… well, maybe he was for all we know…)

    1. I don’t know much about Rubens, other than he was arrested about 30 years ago for playing with his pee-wee outside the ol’ playhouse.

      1. That was creepy when it happened. A major star, who plays a childlike character that kids love, caught splurting jizz in the back of a cheap porn theater. It wasn’t that big a deal; just a stunningly bad decision for a celeb who appeals to kids. I’m not sure his career ever recovered from that. He seemed like he tried to avoid the spotlight after that, not that he was very employable afterwards anyway.

      2. The masturbation arrest was, meh. The second arrest 10 years later for child pornography was obviously much worse. I don’t know how he survived that.

        1. He was no Fred Rogers, to be sure, but bear in mind that the child pornography case was dropped, and different charges filed, when it was determined that the police “accidentally” planted evidence.

          The case revealed that he did own thousands of erotic magazines, and that some of them included images of minors. That’s a fact not exactly conducive to promoting a career hosting a kiddie show, but that’s the same charge police could level against anyone with a Blu-Ray collection of R-rated films – if one of the films was “Pretty Baby.”

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