Rachel Pizzolato bootylicious

Rachel Pizzolato’s daring catwalk during Miami Swim Week, where she proudly showcases her sexy ass and big breasts in tiny bikinis!”


5 thoughts on “Rachel Pizzolato bootylicious

  1. I’ve got an issue.

    This young lady shares a very similar last name with another young lady who is also a celebrity:

    Gabrielle Pizzolo.

    You know her. She plays Suzie, Dustin’s girlfriend on Stranger Things. Think Neverending Story. Yeah. The adorable nerd girl who talks to her Dusty-bear.

    See, Gabrielle is one of those young actors who plays WAY younger than she is. She’s either 21 or just about to turn. Yeah. Her. I know, right? She does NOT look like that when she’s out and about, although she’s still tiny and cute.

    Point being, my brain sees these posts and inserts Gabrielle into them because I’m not familiar with Rachel.

    While Gabrielle is absolutely a grown adult…let’s just say she’s not the type to do the same kind of modeling work. She’s the type to wear corduroy pants to events and discuss education opportunities for young women.

    So it’s weird, and I hate my brain.

  2. So far she’s been smart enough to stay away from tattoos and face piercings. Going forward, that may be the true test of her intelligence.

    1. I think your correct. Studies show that your IQ is inversely proportional to the number of tattoos, face piercings and influencers you follow.

  3. This girl should have an incredible life ahead of her. She’s hit the genetic super lotto! She’s the top of the curve in all categories! Tall, Beautiful, built, talented, athletic, personable and exceptionally smart! One in a billion!

    1. Yep. And I bet she can solve Rubik’s cube in two minutes…..while naked.

      (At least I’d like to see her try.)

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