Surgery was completely successful. I was supposed to spend at least one night in the hospital, but my doc decided I’d be fine at home with pain pills and a drainage bag. So I’m resting and posting occasionally.

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  1. I hope you have help at home, UncleScoopy. Immediate post-surgery is not a goo time to be alone.

  2. Best of luck! Hoping all goes well and you are back at it as soon as you want to be!

  3. Look after yourself and rest up. We’ll be here whenever you decide it’s the right time to return. I’ve been coming to Other Crap for over 25 years. I’m not going anywhere.

    Side bar: (Heck I even remember sending you photos of the first time I read Other Crap from my PlayStation Portable back in 2005 – I think. I thought technology was amazing then!! Haha!)

  4. Feel better, just keep doing what the doctor says. Wishing you only the hottest sluttiest nurses.

  5. Get better man!! Love this blog, been with you since the late 90’s, rocked Uncle Scoopy back then.

  6. A vasectomy is usually a same-day thing. You should be fine the next day. But no sex for a week or something like that.

  7. Don’t worry about us, Scoop! Take care of yourself and we’ll wishes for a speedy recovery!

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