“Top 50 nude scenes by Jewish actresses”

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11 thoughts on ““Top 50 nude scenes by Jewish actresses”

  1. Lake Bell is half Jewish on her father’s side. How To Make It In America should have won her a spot on here.

  2. Not really shocking, considering that per capita, Jewish actors/filmmakers are more numerous that the general population. How many of them are really practicing Jews? That’s the question.

  3. Not a Jew Yorker, but was thinking the same, just not the blasphemous part.

  4. As a Jew Yorker, I can confirm that this list is blasphemous. Full of non Jews, half Jews and converts. Shame shame shame.

    1. Other famous Jews: Pat Robertson, Ravi Shankar, Eric the Red, Osama bin Laden, The Irish Rovers, Tupac, Pope Francis.


      Of course the guy who made the list included cultural Jews, religious Jews through conversion, those with a Jewish father and Christian mother and anyone who ever used the word “schmuck” – basically anyone with the vaguest claim. Jennifer Connelly is exactly as Jewish as I am.

      I’m betting that very few of them had a Bat Mitzvah.

      Not that it matters. I never know who is or isn’t Jewish anyway, unless they make it part of their public persona, like Jon Stewart or Sarah Silverman.

      I look at it this way: the list consists of naked pictures of 50 beautiful women. That’s OK with me.

      1. My father would point at the television screen and say “Jew” and sometimes “not Jew.’ According to him, Minnie Driver is Jewish.

        1. Well, she was engaged to Josh Brolin, who is Barbra Streisand’s son-in-law-by-marriage. I believe the Talmud says that any connection to Babs not only makes a person Jewish, but extremely Jewish. We’re talking full-Abraham-level of Jewishness.

          Man, those ancient rabbis could see the future so clearly.

          Kidding aside, Minnie is to Judaism as Alan Alda is to medicine. She isn’t a Jew, but she plays one on TV.

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