Two words: internet apocalypse

“A huge solar storm is on its way to Earth, and it could cause an ‘internet apocalypse.'”

The usual alarmist rhetoric:

The year 2025 could bring about the end of the Internet as we know it if a massive solar storm causes enough damage to the planet, leaving some experts very worried”

7 thoughts on “Two words: internet apocalypse

  1. I absolutely hate the word “could” in any form of journalism (CNN and FOX both love to use it). “Could” takes a .01% chance and turns it into a headline. However it also allows me to say that I could wind up having a passionate affair with Alexandra Daddario (actual estimated chance .000000000000000000000004%)

    1. While the odds of it happening in 2025 are low, this isn’t really something that should be ignored. Solar events affecting earth aren’t that infrequent, the difference today is our reliance on electrical system like never before. The odds of earth being hit with some large solar storm this century are pretty good. It could put large parts of our grid down for quite a while. This is an actual issue that should be investigated to see what steps we could take to mitigate the problems when it happens. Since this isn’t a topic of interest to politicians they will continue to most likely do nothing.

    2. Osama bin Laden COULD destroy America if underwater Muslim scientists bring him back to life. Film at 11.

    1. End of social media would be a plus for humanity, but so much is now tied to the internet that “there will be blood” if it goes down.

  2. …as contrasted with internet a crock o’ shit, which is the new Twitter mission statement.

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