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  • Jennifer Lawrence fully naked in No Hard Feelings – in a 4k clip!
  • Some awesome nostalgia: Stella Stevens in Slaughter

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Now that’s a protest I can support. (They have been doing this for years.)

Not that I really care that much about the cause. It’s just that I am easily duped by naked women, with or without the horns. Thank heaven that topless women never protest in support of Putin or beets. I’m OK if they are pro-bulls. I always root for the bulls.

Especially Rodman.

There are 0.51 errors per game this year, the lowest number in recorded history.

Details here

Nobody in a position to know has come forward to say that scorers have explicitly been asked to be more lenient, but players and broadcasters have been talking about it all year. All everyday players benefit from the new trend. An error is bad for the hitter. Even though he reached base without making an out, which is the basic goal of the game, it is scored as 0-for-1, as if he made an out. The “E” is obviously not wanted by the fielder either. The pitchers, however, don’t like the new trend, since it converts unearned runs into earned runs, thus inflating their ERAs.