Of all the original cast members of Twin Peaks, Joan Chen’s nudography is most similar to Madchen Amick’s, in that she did not do many nude scenes, but did manage one world-class scene: the lesbian scene with Anne Heche in Wild Side.

Unlike Amick, however, Chen never did any lower frontal nudity. Despite that, she took the #16 slot in our annual poll of the top nude scenes in 1995, the very dawn of the Scoopy era.

Tai-Pan (1986). See-through

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The Last Emperor (1987). See-through.

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Turtle Beach (1992). Butt only.

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Temptation of a Monk (1993). Breasts.

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The Hunted (1995). Brief nipple exposure.

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Wild Side (1995). Breasts.

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There are two versions of Wild Side. One is 90 minutes long, while the other runs more than 110 minutes. I discussed the differences in my review.

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Incidentally, when I post these collections to the Fun House, there are film clips for all of the entries.

I can’t tell if we are looking at a nipple area or a nipple patch. I guess a good rule of thumb might be: if you can’t tell that, it’s not much of a scene.

An even better rule of thumb is this: since I don’t care which it is, it’s REALLY not a good scene.

Anyway, as ol’ Mel Allen used to say, “You make the call.”

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