Bottcher is the left-most figure:

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Those two women had absolutely no reason to be in the scene, and there’s no other nudity in the film, so this tiny bit of nudity was totally gratuitous. That director is our kind of guy.

(It’s also a very confusing continuity error. The killer is in the victim’s imagination in this scene, not actually there, so he/she should only be visible from the victim’s POV, not in a narrative shot looking over his/her shoulder. The director was smart enough to show that the two naked women never noticed a creepy killer two feet away. Obviously, if he had really been there, they would have been panicking. So the director got that detail right. My only quibble is that the shot should be from the victim’s POV.)

Well, OK. Maybe one more quibble: if you’re going to add nudity for no reason, at least make it good nudity.

By the way, I used to belong to a Killer Book Club. I remember it well. It was me, the late Janet McVee, the late Trevor Jones, the late …

Weird. Now that I think about it, they all died but me, so I never found out which member was the killer.

Not only that, they all died before I could glean their insights on Wuthering Heights.

Among actresses with a substantial nudography, Madeline was the first one to appear as a new character in the long-delayed season three. She added to that nudography by getting naked in the very first episode of the season.

SIDEBAR: This has nothing to do with nudity, but I was shocked to see how many of the actors in season three barely lived long enough to reprise their roles. The show aired in 2017, and the following people died in 2016 or 2017: the log lady (Catherine Coulson), Agent Jeffries (David Bowie), Agent Albert Rosenfeld (Miguel Ferrer), Doctor Hayward (Warren Frost), and Carl Rodd (Harry Dean Stanton).

Bowie was too weak to appear. He actually died before filming began, but he gave his blessing to use his footage from the original series. He did have one request. He was embarrassed by his poor attempt at a Louisiana accent, and asked that his voice be dubbed by an actor from that neck of the woods.

Russ Tamblyn, who played the eccentric psychiatrist, was alive to appear in season three, but was still recovering from open heart surgery when he played his scenes. He was 83 years old, and his dancing days were far behind him. Tamblyn’s castmate from West Side Story, Richard Behmer, was a mere strip of a lad at 79 in the Twin Peaks revival, and was still chewing the scenery as energetically as ever. West Side Story was a long time ago (62 years now), but “Tony” and “Riff” are both still alive and kickin’. Tamblyn will turn 89 this year, Behmer is 85.

We now resume our regular naked programming …

Californication, s1e1 and s1e3. (2007)

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The Collector (2009)

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Twin Peaks, s3e1 (2017)

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Perry Mason, s1e1, 2020

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I felt old and very aware of the rapid passage of time when I realized that the first season of Californication was (gasp) 16 years ago!


The nudographies of the women from the original series can be found here