She showed up in episodes 1 and 2 and was soon murdered. She wasn’t naked in Twin Peaks, but for a woman who barely entered my consciousness, she managed to get naked in a lot of projects:

2010 – Dinner for Schmucks (no true nudity).

She’s on the left.

image host image host

2011 – How to Make it in America, s2e4

image host

2012 – Girls Against Boys

image host image host image host

2013 – Fractured

(I know the A/R looks wrong. It’s supposed to.)

image host

2017 – I’m Dying Up Here, s1e4

image host

2017 – Smartass

image host image host image host image host

2019 – Now Apocalypse, s1e10

image host image host

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All of the entries from each series include film clips when added to The Fun House

Joker gets hosed by the judges after obviously besting the Hooded Hodad!

Life was simpler then.

Cesar Romero was 59 years old when he did this! Nothing in his career would have led one to believe that he’d be so uninhibited and hilarious as the Joker, although he did clown around a bit in Ocean’s 11 and some TV shows.

Back in the day, he starred as the Cisco Kid in a movie called “The Gay Caballero.” As the meaning of “gay” changed over the years, that title took on a second meaning, which apparently turned out to be appropriate.

Damn, what happened to patriotism? Why do they have to be foreign objects? To make America great again, we need to be sticking good old American objects up our asses, the way they did it in The Greatest Generation …

… and even before that, in the years that made America the mightiest country on the planet. General Patton would never be caught dead sticking a Mauser up his ass. It always was a good old, ivory-handled Colt .45, as the good lord intended.

On the other hand, Robert E. Lee always jammed Doctor Young’s Ideal Rectal Dilators up his ass, like a good patriot, but when the Confederacy became a separate nation, the Chicago-based product became a “foreign” object. Oh, the irony.

She could at least have taken off her shit-encrusted boots before plopping down on clean white sheets.

Soused Stepdad opined: “These celebrity kids are just one big confused identity crisis of being raised rich, but celebrities, as if they were celebrities, but in the shadow of their parents, forced to find ways to break through, which is better when naked.”