Angelika Niedetzky topless in Naked Men in the Woods (2023)

A film that seems to be made especially for Albert!

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6 thoughts on “Angelika Niedetzky topless in Naked Men in the Woods (2023)

  1. 1. Damn, might be the first time I’ve seen Scoop call somebody out by name in the main post.

    2. Albert, WTF are you on about? Europe has always been more forthcoming with male nudity in the cinema than the US. (Unless Depardieu has another citizenship we haven’t heard about.) Consequently, it’s usually Americans who get bent all out of joint (no pun intended) about it. And like Scoopy said, most of us here just don’t give a fuck as long as there are some tits to go along with it.

    1. I shouldn’t speak for him, I suppose, but I think he means Eastern European films.

      With the exception of Italy, the significant countries of Western Europe have always had, and still have, more male nudity than American films. Eastern Europe, on the other hand, has some of the most homophobic countries on the planet, with Russia leading the way. (I suppose Turkey is worse, but they’re only partially European.) Poland is rated the most homophobic of the EU countries. The farther east you go on the continent, the more homophobic.

    2. I generally find that America leans in a more puritanical direction ie no skin at all.

      No Hard Feelings, future Funhouse nude scene winner, is rated “R” in the US.
      In Denmark its rated “7”, not appropriate for those under the age of 7. Alot of Western Europe and Canada its rated for Young Teens mostly.
      Alot of the more conservative countries like India and others in Asia and the Mid East have given it more adult ratings.

      Usually I assume an American actor won’t get naked. I assume the opposite for Europeans.

  2. I am not admin on this site and here on othercrap, every now and then there are some articles about cock festivals or celebrity penises shown on social media. So you admins should find your manhood, not me. I don’t care about female nudity in American series or movies because there is still a lot of it in European ones. What I hate is the imposition of the American worldview on other continents. We Europeans will always prefer female bodies. If you in America are obsessed with male bodies, ok, but don’t impose your thinking on other continents.

    1. None of us give a shit about male nudity. We ignore it, and often don’t notice it at all unless there’s something unusual or funny about it.

      That is your hang-up, not ours.

      1. There are some forums out there that are even blurring out male genitalia in some screenshots because people are complaining about the occasional weenis that might appear in a movie featuring nudism or in some weird performance art thing involving both men and women. Some even type “penis alert” in the post to warn the guys of the impending manhood being shown.

        Not sure what the big deal is. Unless it’s making some guys feel not so big.

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