Nostalgia: Ann-Margret nudography

CC & Company (1970)

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RPM (1970)

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Carnal Knowledge (1971)

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Joseph Andrews (1977)

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Magic (1978)

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7 thoughts on “Nostalgia: Ann-Margret nudography

  1. I seem to remember AM suffering a bizarre on-stage accident and being out of the limelight for some time recuperating, but when she reappeared she had these…CANS.

  2. Between her talent, looks and body, could she be the number one overall seed in a “Most Beautiful/Sexy/Whatever” NCAA type tournament of similar women?

    1. That’s possible. She’s warmer and more simpatico than my usual candidate, Monica Bellucci. When you see Annie on the screen, you are drawn to her, you root for her, you want people to be good to her, you want to protect her, you fall for her.

      After writing that, I realized she would have been a perfect choice to play the psychotic killer in one of those twisty murder mysteries. Who could ever suspect her?

    2. She’d definitely get my vote. I’ve long considered her the sexiest woman of my lifetime.

      Damn shame she never did a really good nude scene.

      1. Thinking the same thing. One of the best, but wish there were more nude scenes. If only someone in Hollywood who saved the outtakes of her nude scenes could release them to the world. They couldn’t have really thrown them all away could they?

      2. Great arse shot in Carnal, lot of the actresses who were stars before mid-60’s rarely did full frontal

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