Breaking news: Tinky Winky was 10 ft tall

At last, the government has released the long-hidden footage of these alien creatures. But what more are they hiding from us? It’s my belief that Laa-Laa killed Kennedy.

In passing – you may remember that in 1999 Rev. Falwell claimed Tinky-Winky was gay.

2 thoughts on “Breaking news: Tinky Winky was 10 ft tall

  1. My cousin hired a Teletubbie to appear at her son’s 3rd Birthday party. That Teletubbie was not 10 feet tall, but it had an adult inside so it was still a lot taller than he was. He was absolutely terrified and ran inside the house (the party was in the backyard) and wouldn’t come out until the Teletubbie had left. Hiring that Teletubbie was definitely money well spent! Actually, as I understand it young kids are often scared of characters like that hired for birthday parties. But while I have seen kids nervous around characters at Disney World and other theme parks, I have never seen the kind of fear provoked by that Teletubbie. My cousin’s son is now in his mid-20s and is well over 6 feet tall. I will see him tomorrow night at his grandfather’s 80th birthday party. I wonder, should I tease him about his Teletubbie reaction? Or would that make me a mean cousin (once removed)?

    1. One of my granddaughters was afraid of all costumed characters, even the most benign and non-threatening ones like Minnie Mouse.

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