Denise Richards doing yoga topless

Nice pics, with the usual acerbic remarks from Soused Stepdad.

Steppie seems to reserve a special level of rancor for Denise, but this time he has a good point. Denise has been a legit star and presumably is not short of cash, so it’s difficult to fathom why she wants to be on a pose-for-pay site with all the nobodies.

13 thoughts on “Denise Richards doing yoga topless

  1. What’s wrong with OF? She should do what she wants if she isn’t hurting anyone. If it makes other people happy too, awesome!

        1. You implied that the money was a motivation for being on OF. My impression is that she doesn’t care about that money very much, if at all, but just enjoys posing. After all, most celebs are willing to pass up that money, however substantial it might be, but Denise is all in.

          One of the commenters also reminded us that she said she was doing it for her daughter, at least in the beginning.

          1. I stated a fact. The top models on OF make excellent money.
            Most celebs pass it up because they don’t want to screw up their acting careers, but she probably doesn’t value hers as much anymore.
            It’s likely a lucative hobby for her, not a neccessary one.

          2. I think we’re arguing the same thing at this point. I just very much doubt that she needs the money.

  2. She’s supporting her daughter, who is also on there, remember?

    His memory is a short as his lack of brain cells.

    1. I do remember her saying that, but she continues long after the point is made.

      I think the real reason is that she enjoys it, which is cool.

    2. What the hell is with all the nasty comments lately, especially now pointed at Scoopy himself? (See, also, JS above, and comments on the other thread regarding the big-boned vegan.). What’s wrong with a little snark once in a while to lighten things up, especially when we’re talking about a middle-aged has-been actress trying to cling to relevancy–and, apparently, to “support her daughter”–by posting nude pics of her aging (and badly surgically enhanced) body? This site has always been about adding observations to the links/photos. Some jokes land, some don’t. (I happen to agree with the sentiment of being disappointed that this is how DR now chooses to make her money. There are certainly other ways to support a family…) If you don’t care for a joke, move the hell on and another will come along shortly. Or just go somewhere else. No need to be a nasty prick about it. It’s sad to see this site becoming infested with virtue-signaling bullies who can’t take a damn joke.

      Also, if you’re so concerned about Ms. Richards’ welfare and ability to support her child, stop looking at these pics for free on this site and go contribute to the kid’s food/college fund with a subscription to this crap on OF.

      1. snark doesn’t “lighten things up” if you’re just insulting the women you are making money by posting. it’s hypocritical at best.
        Drunken Stepfather is a site i avoid like the plague, because the guy is a piece of shit and an utter ignoramus whose flailing attempts to make misogyny funny make me cringe, the same as that pathetic Celeb Jihad site. but that’s a character he’s playing.
        what’s your excuse?
        by the by, “virtue signalling” is a buzzword that creepy lackwits lean on to defend themselves from criticism. you should probably know that by now; if not, happy to help.
        pretty sure her daughter is already making more money than you ever could, but thanks for the suggestion. i’ll donate a can of beans to you, though, if you like. I’m happy to be quiet, but keep my name out of your mouth.

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