Eva Amaral and Rocío Saiz topless in concert

Singer Eva Amaral created headlines this week at the Sonorama Ribera festival by going topless in the name of women’s rights.

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Story here. (It’s in Spanish, if that matters.)


Rocío Saiz always bares her breasts in a certain song.

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When she and Tove Lo do this, people are usually matter-of-fact about it, but there have been cases where the police intervened. (In addition to the story, or rather as part of the story, there is another topless photo at that link.)


Article in El Pais: Nudity as a pop weapon for the revolution.

3 thoughts on “Eva Amaral and Rocío Saiz topless in concert

  1. In a country where practically every woman is topless on the beach, it’s hard to understand why the police would intervene. Perhaps the story is a bit overblown.

    1. Could be, but you can’t assume that all parts of a country respect the same cultural norms. What goes on in San Diego’s beaches might not play in Peoria. Similarly, what works in Madrid might not play in a small town filled with strict Catholics.

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