HD screen grab of Tessa Thompson in Westworld (s2e10)

There has been a significant controversy over this image. Partial body double (ala Lena Headey in GoT)? CGI? The real deal? Many people in the crew and tech staff must know, but I guess nobody is willing to snitch on the process.

For now.

6 thoughts on “HD screen grab of Tessa Thompson in Westworld (s2e10)

  1. There is zero chance it’s a body double.

    They’d never, ever, ever hire a body double with imperfect boobs. Those are uneven. Lopsided. And, of course, tiny. A-cups are one thing, but the left one is a no-cup while the right is an A or more, and they’re both shaped differently.

    I think they’re cute as hell just like Tessa and fit her perfectly. That doesn’t cut it for body double work. Look at interviews with actresses who picked body doubles. Without exception they talk about “they were all so PERFECT! It was intimidating! It was like…have you seen me? Is anyone going to believe this (body part) belongs to me???”

    As for the lower half? CGI maybe. To clean to be a merkin.

    I also don’t believe they CGId her tits. Same reason. They’d have cleaned up the lines, nipple placement, and size so they were more even and perfect.

  2. But that episode where she opens the door to somebody nude, that was her ass, yes?

  3. Supposedly this is a body double with her face digitally added, like Lena Headey’s in the walk of shame in Game of Thrones and the digital nudity of Jessica Alba in Machete.

    1. That’s what I always thought. Or the bodysuit was digitally altered. Scoop thought that it looked like her body shape so he thought it was her, but I’ve always had doubts. And even in HD when you zoom in on this, it’s still somewhat blurry. It looks real from a distance though.

    2. Could be.

      We’ve discussed this before. I have read a lot of theories and opinions, but have seen no proof.

      If it is a body double, I give them props for finding a woman with the exact same body, unlike the Game of Thrones double (Rebecca Van Cleave) whose body looked nothing like Lena Headey’s.

      The great irony of the GoT scene is that it was (in the book) a great humiliation for the Queen, not because she was naked, but because without her robes and finery she looked no better than any peasant woman, a point continually reinforced by the jeering of the crowd. On the other hand, not many medieval peasants had a ripe, youthful body like Rebecca Van Cleave’s. (Van Cleave is 14 years younger than Headey and was in her 20s when she filmed the scene.) If the showrunners had wanted to stay faithful to the book, the scene would have been better with Lena’s own 40ish body. (Although that would have required a massive amount of CGI work because of her extensive collection of modern tattoos.)

      1. I’m thinking that she was wearing a bodysuit and they CG’d the naughty bits in. But yeah, it’s only theory/opinion.

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