Zoo in China denies allegations some of its bears might be ‘humans in disguise’

“Other zoos have been accused of trying to pass off donkeys painted to look like zebras.”

Looking for a new career opportunity? How does donkey-painter sound? (Decent summer job, but long hours in the rainy season.)

4 thoughts on “Headline o’ the day

  1. They look so fake, but I shockingly I believe them. No human could survive that heat in a full bear costume for more than a few minutes.

    1. In the video you can tell that it’s a real bear when he drops down on all fours, but some of the still photos (of the bear standing on his hind legs) do look like a man in a bear suit.

  2. After looking at pictures of Sun Bears in the wild I actually think that China may be telling the truth – I can’t believe I’m actually say that.

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