Lena Dunham seems fit

What happened to her? She wasn’t glamorous to begin with, but she seems to have doubled in size since the last time I saw her.

8 thoughts on “Lena Dunham seems fit

  1. I watched the first episode of Girls and absolutely hated it. I never watched another episode. I found her character repulsive, not because of the way she looked, but how she acted. I realize that her character was supposed to be unlikeable, but the fact that she succeeded in playing her that way didn’t make me want to see more of her. Ugly girl plus bad personality just doesn’t equal a character I want to see more of. Actually, hot girl plus bad personality isn’t all that appealing to me either.

    I once went on a date with a girl who was pretty enough and had a body that was hot enough she could have been a Victoria’s Secret model. For some reason, this girl was into me (there is no accounting for taste). She was really sweet and pleasant in the way she spoke to me. She even laughed at my jokes. But she was rude to our cab driver and got nasty with our waitress. Clearly, she thought those people were beneath her. She actually said something about how the waitress should know her place. I declined a second date. I ran into her at a party a couple of years later. She looked like she had eaten Lena Dunham. She must have gained at least a hundred pounds. But her personality hadn’t gotten any better.

  2. When her career was hot, coverage of her took on a “The Emperor’s New Clothes” dynamic. Everything she said or did was given the best possible spin possible. Around the time she declared that she regretted not getting an abortion before having a hysterectomy, the industry just stopped giving her attention. Another entertainer who is used and spit out when they stop being useful. .

  3. Despite her playing the most annoying character in TV history, I have to say I enjoyed that big arse of hers on that show

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