Lene Wink fully naked in Anaus (s5e2) ????


Excellent nudity, but a mystery. I have not seen this clip before, and have never heard of this series. I can see that the name is an anagram for “sauna,” for whatever that’s worth. Neither Lene Wink nor Anaus is in IMDb; neither is in my back issues; neither is in Mr. Skin’s database. A Google search for Lene Wink does produce a few results from about a decade ago, indicating that she is or was a German stage actress.

A Google search for

“anaus” nude scenes

… does produce results from seasons three and six, as well as this one, and one link even produces a result from season eight, but something doesn’t add up. I don’t know how a series could run for eight years without IMDb noticing. Feel free to weigh in if you are familiar with this series.

Reddit is the source.

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4 thoughts on “Lene Wink fully naked in Anaus (s5e2) ????

  1. Strange that IMDB only list it as a short as i have another clip
    of Madeleine Wischmann from (S08E03)

    1. And that IMDb entry says it is a one-minute short. Now THAT is short.

      The aznude site has entries from some episodes of the series, and videocelebs.net also has some, including the one you mentioned (s8e3), but that’s just about the only internet presence the show has ever had.

      A search of the bittorrent sites produces no results for “Anaus”


      Off-topic. Please pick one screen name and stick with it. I can see that there is nothing malicious in your switches, but please stay consistent.

    2. Also found clips by Marie Goluke, Rufina Neumann, Vanessa Altherr.
      The first two only have a limited listing on IMDB, ANAUS is not one of them.
      I have other clips of Marie Goluke and they are all
      performance art.

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