Nostalgia: the women of Twin Peaks, Part 1 (Madchen Amick and Peggy Lipton)

If not for Dream Lover, Madchen Amick would have done virtually no nudity in her career. Of course, that’s kind of like saying “If not for Don Quijote, Cervantes really wrote virtually nothing memorable.” When you’ve reached the very pinnacle of your profession, your career is already a resounding success, no matter what else you may do. Don Quijote remains one of the most memorable creations in mankind’s history, and Madchen’s nude scene in Dream Lover remains one of the greatest in film history. In 1993, Twin Peaks had just concluded and the demand for her was at a peak level. It was a demand that she satisfied quickly and thoroughly with full frontal and rear nudity that demonstrated a slim, flawless shape.

You’ll find some info about the rare unrated version in the comments section.

Dream Lover (1993)

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Love Cheat and Steal (1993)

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Bombshell (1997)

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The List (2000)

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Hangman (2001)

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Lies and Deception (2005 TV)

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Witches of East End (2013 TV)

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To my knowledge, Peggy Lipton did no nudity in her film and TV career. The ol’ Mod Squadder did wear a flimsy, near-transparent blouse late in her career, in Skipped Parts (2000), when she was already 53 years old.

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Incidentally, when I post these collections to the Fun House, there are film clips for all of the entries.

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  1. She’d be a skin legend just for Dream Lover, but she had a surprisingly good amount of MILF ass (43 when it was on) on that Witches show

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