He was trying to “run to London,” but London was a long-shot, to say the least. There’s no telling where he might actually have drifted to. This is the fourth time he has attempted a voyage in such a contraption. The last time he was trying to go from Florida to New York – but simply washed ashore elsewhere in Florida, about thirty miles south of his launch point.

Of course he’s nuts and the Coast Guard saved his life, but I wonder what legal grounds they had to order him to stop his quixotic madness. He wasn’t just rescued, but was also arrested, although he was 70 miles off the coast when the CG intercepted him. Isn’t that out of their jurisdiction? Reading this made me realize that I don’t understand the first thing about maritime law.

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I’m certainly no fashion maven. When I’m not playing sports, I suppose I dress like a middle-aged Vermont lesbian, and comb my hair like David Lynch. That said, my fashion advice to Leni is – get a new hair stylist, and fire whoever told you to draw those two little lines pointing from your eyes to your nose.

(OK. And maybe ditch the underwear.)

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Julia Fox’s appearance at the PrettyLittleThing x Naomi Campbell show became an instant sensation.”

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I’ll bet it was a sensation, since she seems to be wandering on the mean streets of New York. Do you think Macy’s will start to incorporate this into their parade? It could add a whole new nuance to the term “inflatables.” Beats the shit out of Underdog.

(I’m not suggesting that Julia herself is sporting inflatables. I don’t know.)