Donyale was a pioneer supermodel. Born Peggy Ann Freeman in Detroit, she gained popularity in Europe during the late 1960s. Generally cited as “the first Black supermodel,” Luna was the first African-American model to appear on the cover of the British edition of Vogue, in March 1966. She was popular among the global avant-garde set, and worked with such luminaries as Warhol, Dali and Fellini.

As her husband points out in a new documentary, she loved drugs, especially hash and LSD, and it was the drug habit that did her in at age 33, when she turned her affection to heroin and OD’d.

The 2023 documentary is called Donyale Luna, Supermodel. It features some representative examples of her nude modeling efforts.

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And it also features two sexy clips from her brief film career.

First, there is her brief butt exposure in the legendary 1968 stinker Skidoo. Groucho Marx made his last credited film appearance as a top-level gangster named God in this flick, and Donyale had a bit part as the would-be Mrs. God, Groucho’s mistress. (Per IMDb, Groucho made some uncredited cameos after this film.)

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Second, there is her topless exposure in 1972’s Salome, a film about which I know nothing. IMDb calls it “a psychedelic re-telling of the biblical story.” As the Church Lady might say, “Well, isn’t that special? And who could have inspired that? Oh, I don’t know. Could it be … SATAN?”

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Trump up by ten.

Men favor Trump by a margin of 30 points (62-32) in this poll. (!!)

How depressing is it to be the seated President and be down so far to a Bond villain and complete schmuck with a -14 net favorability rating?

Biden really has to hope that poll is an outlier, but with his own approval rating under water by 19 points, he’s definitely in a jam. There’s more than a year to go until the election, so these polls are not very meaningful, but the way it looks now, he could run unopposed and lose to “none of the above.”

Some teams got a harsh dose of reality after they stopped kicking the asses of jobbers.

  • Cal surrendered 45 points to #8 Washington … and then it was halftime. Ouch.
  • Only a meaningless fourth-quarter TD kept alleged #19 Colorado from being shut out by #10 Oregon. Final: 42-6.
  • Alleged #24 and formerly undefeated Iowa couldn’t even muster one of those meaningless scores once their schedule included a real team. They lost 31-0 to Penn State, managing only 76 yards from scrimmage. So complete was the domination that they were able to run only 33 plays from scrimmage, compared to 97 for Penn State.

Some teams didn’t get the memo that it was time to stop playing jobbers.

  • #23 Tennessee rolled up the score against UTSA
  • #20 Miami destroyed Temple
  • #18 Duke slaughtered winless UConn
  • #1 Georgia pummeled UAB
  • #25 Florida should have crushed Charlotte, but did not. They moved the ball, but not across the end zone, scoring only one TD, none after the first quarter, ultimately winning with defense and a shitload of field goals. On the bright side, one of their receivers came up with possibly the greatest catch ever – one handed, backhand, on a full run, both feet off the ground, with three or four guys covering him. I have no idea how he caught it, and even less idea how he hung on after two defenders immediately crushed him.

#3 Texas and #2 Michigan also romped over weak teams, but that was not a factor of Machiavellian scheduling. They just happened to play weak conference opponents.

And there were finally some good games between strong teams.

  • #9 Notre Dame lost a heartbreaker to #6 THE Ohio State University on basically a walk-off TD.
  • #4 Florida State needed OT to defeat the always tough Clemson Tigers, who were in the top 25 on the coaches poll and a near-miss #26 on the AP poll.
  • #11 Utah defeated #22 UCLA 14-7 by completely squashing their running game. UCLA finished the game with 9 rushing yards.
  • #13 Alabama beat formerly undefeated #15 Ole Miss 24-10 after Miss was up at the half.
  • #12 LSU had to go down to the wire to hold off Arkansas 34-31.
  • #21 Washington State built up a big lead against #14 Oregon State, but had to stave off a furious fourth quarter rally to eke out a 38-35 victory.

Some (vaguely) interesting developments outside the top 25:

  • Maryland stayed undefeated with a big 31-9 road win over Michigan State.
  • Syracuse stayed undefeated by grinding it out against Army.
  • Kentucky stayed undefeated, but they have yet to face a strong opponent.
  • Texas A&M handed Auburn their first loss.
  • Louisville stayed undefeated and atop the ACC with a 56-28 thumping of Boston College.

Don’t expect any of those teams to make the top 25 in the new poll, but they will pick up a smattering of votes.