Here is the controversial nudity in Joy Ride (2023)

The actual nude scene was done by Stephanie Hsu’s body double. Each of these moments are fleeting. The butt shot is about two frames. The vag shot lingers a little longer because it takes time to realize what you are looking at.

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8 thoughts on “Here is the controversial nudity in Joy Ride (2023)

  1. Ok, I can just imagine this entry in the “Goofs” section of IMDB for this movie:

    Demon face is supposed to be a tattoo on the woman’s vagina. But after zooming in it is obvious that it’s only been painted on and not really a tattoo.

  2. That must have been a very interesting audition process for the body double on the vag shot. I mean, they had to pick the vag that they figured was the best possible canvas for the tattoo they had in mind. I’m sure they came across some vaginas that just weren’t well suited for that devil tattoo. Imagine being told your vag just wouldn’t look good with a devil covering it?

    Off topic: Comments on it are closed, so thanks, Scoop, for transcribing that NYT nudity article.

    1. “I’m sorry, Mamie, your vulva is just not satanic enough for this role, but we’ll keep your photos on file in case something comes up.”

  3. I don’t see any controversy. US media claims every time a woman shows a little skin it’s controversial. More than a little fucking tiresome. They may want to look at their dropping stock values and rethink what the fuck they are. Maybe it’s time for a change, just maybe.

  4. I wonder who the body double is. That’s a very nice looking set of labia.

    And that photo is at such a high resolution you can kinda see where the paint brush stopped on the oni’s tongue. It was definitely hand painted on.

  5. Dicks have been shown like this for decades in American comedies. I hope it’s time for pussies. And no, I don’t find it controversial.

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