Noah Cyrus – almost topless, still weird

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12 thoughts on “Noah Cyrus – almost topless, still weird

  1. Burt was great in Striptease. The Vaseline in his boots some funny shit.
    As for Noah metal illness is never pretty. Hope she get’s the help she needs.

  2. How does one sister (Miley) have small perky tits and the other (Noah) have weird Bella thorne sized rounded tits with bologna sized Areola nipples

    1. I’m reminded of a scene with tough guy Ving Rhames. Somebody asks him if he follows politics and he responds, “Do I look like I follow politics?” (The movie is Striptease. The Vinger was basically the only good thing about that movie.)

      Re: Noah – Does she look like she has a good personality?

      She does have some talent, but it’s not easy to get past her appearance.

      1. if you can somehow fight your way past the appearance of people like Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler and then find yourself having trouble listening to a woman that is, in your own words, talented but unattractive, you might be a sexist dick with double standards.
        especially when you’re posting her on your own site for clicks.

        1. I don’t know if she has any talent, as I have never listened to any of her music. But she would be far more attractive if she hadn’t bleached/shaved her eyebrows. I had to Google her because it looked so bad I thought it might be because of a medical condition. But apparently, that was a choice. Ultimately, the only person she has to please is herself. If she likes how she looks, so be it.

        2. There’s quite a flaw in that argument. I could use the exact same words to apply to Steven Tyler, ICP or or Marilyn Manson. They have talent, but it’s difficult to get past their appearance. This is not gender-specific. In all of their cases, I can listen to them, but prefer not to look.

          Jagger, for some reason, doesn’t bother me at all.

      2. Hey that’s a little unfair.

        Burt Reynolds was also pretty funny in Striptease.

        Also there was boobs. That part’s pretty important too.

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