Noah Cyrus – another see-thru

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7 thoughts on “Noah Cyrus – another see-thru

  1. I know it’s probably sexist and misogynist to comment but she could really do with some eyebrows. The Marilyn Manson look really doesn’t suit her.

    1. Eyebrows are somehow an area of misogyny? I hold that everyone, male, female or hermaphrodite, should have eyebrows. But I guess I’m old fashioned.

      1. There is a theory that Dick Gephardt lost the Democratic nomination for President in both 1988 and 2004 because he looks like he doesn’t have eyebrows.

        Apparently (most) people subconsciously regard those who look like they don’t have eyebrows as ‘shifty’ and since Gephardt was a politician to begin with, looking like he didn’t have eyebrows reinforced the stereotype about politicians.

        Of course, it didn’t help that in 1988 Gephardt jettisoned all of his previous social conservative views to run for the Democratic Presidential nomination, but there probably is something to these subconscious effects.

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