Nothing awkward about this

Visitors to the Royal Academy of Arts will be confronted with two nude models – with the expectation they will squeeze between them to see an exhibition dedicated to the career of performance artist Marina Abramovic.

Given that one of them is a guy, I’m willing to bet that Albert will skip this exhibit.

Frankly, I guess I can take a pass myself on Marina’s career tribute.

5 thoughts on “Nothing awkward about this

  1. A while back when they did this it was rotating models every fifteen minutes or half hour, two women, one of both, two men, and back.

  2. She (Marina Abramovic) had an exhibit at MOMA a bunch of years ago. There was a big room, with a long wall cutting it in two, except that the wall didn’t go all the way across. On one end was a large opening, and on the other end there was a narrow opening with two naked guys standing there on either side, like the photo in this article. Two younger women walked up to the opening. One shook her head and walked down along the wall to the other opening, and her friend basically said “Fuck it”, and squeezed between the two naked guys. The whole interaction made me laugh.

    I also avoided the two naked guys.

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