Phun reports that there are explicit nudes of Charissa Thompson

These have been around for a while. The alleged Thompson images include pictures and videos. She has been a prominent sportscaster for both ESPN and Fox Sports.

4 thoughts on “Phun reports that there are explicit nudes of Charissa Thompson

  1. She’s a dumbass for having these in a place where they could be leaked, but the person who leaked them is scum of the lowest order.

  2. Indeed there are as her set leaked (5) yrs ago and her pics/vids have been at sididis dot com almost (5) yrs.

    December 30, 2019 – 8:04 sididis Charissa Thompson
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    They were probably at phun (5) yrs ago as well, but fap sets cum and go at various sites, eh. Her set has been at xhamster, etc since her drop as well.

    btw, Charissa’s a babe! carry on …

    1. I keep thinking 2019 was 4 years ago. But there was that COVID year we all agreed to pretend never happened for legal purposes, but not for keeping track of leaked nudes. It’s kind of tricky.

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