Selena Gomez feeling her own breast (.gif)

I’m not sure when this was filmed, but it’s worthwhile.

8 thoughts on “Selena Gomez feeling her own breast (.gif)

        1. I see now.

          I thought he meant that I wrote the code wrong. I couldn’t figure out how it could lead to the fappening site.

  1. I hate that you like this shit. 1, the clip is tame & lame. 2, DSF is crass & ass. I mean, that schtick is unfunny & more dumb than irreverent.

      1. I do find Gomez likeable & sorta cute. Generally don’t care for her that much. She’s just OK in Only Murders. Not a super big fan of the show, either. It was nice to see her nipples, since she’s very famous & so a fairly big catch in terms of celeb nudity. I like underboob, too. But we can’t see that action very well here. So, meh.

        If, OTOH, you’re simply drawing attention to the diff betw an animated multi-frame image & a clip, well, I don’t lend much credence to that viewpoint. Like, there’s a technical diff betw an mpeg & motion-jpeg in their implementation. But, practically, they’re the same things. Nowadays, Redditors are posting gifs on celebnsfw, which the UI automatically intruments with a Play button, progress bar, & playback speed settings dialog. So, this is a distinction that makes no damn diff. End of.

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