Sydney Sweeney and the Rolling Stones – together at last

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3 thoughts on “Sydney Sweeney and the Rolling Stones – together at last

  1. There’s a new video out from the blonde girl from ABBA. Super heavy on the auto tune. They went the cartoon route for the video in order to not show how old she is. Aging sucks, no doubt. She was hot as hell back in the day. I too am old and not loving it as much as one would think.

  2. Either all the video was from at least 30 years ago, or they used AI. But even AI can’t prevent a broken hip. I hear they changed the lyrics to at least one song. “Hey, you, get off of my lawn”!

  3. If Autotune was water we would all drown listening to this. I suspect some people will even watch it with the sound off.

    The billboards are a great trick to avoid showing their wrinkles in HD. Anyway, this whole video reminds me of the last great Beach Boys song with that video which only showed hot young people and there was a small, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo from the BB at the end, with vaseline on the lens.

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