Kevin, we hardly knew ye.

The House has never removed its leader before.

I read Cassidy Hutchinson’s book, in which McCarthy comes off as a decent human being, which kind of surprised me. Unfortunately for him, his cowardly groveling and kowtowing to the nutbags did him no good at all in the long run. He’d have been far better off compromising with the Democrats.

(Matt Gaetz, by the way, comes off as a total creep in Hutchinson’s story, which probably comes as no surprise to most people.)

This ouster means that they can’t conduct any House business now, despite the fact that another shutdown is looming. The temporary speaker can’t conduct any business except when it involves electing a new one, and I can’t imagine how either party is ever going to produce enough votes to do that. It’ll be messy.

Hey, look what it did for Danny Trejo!

‘Medical experts’ are sounding the alarm over a new bizarre TikTok trend that has people hitting themselves in the face with hammers in hopes it will make them more attractive.”

Medical experts were needed? Did they have to call in the NIH to figure out that hitting oneself in the face with a hammer might have some negative effects?