R.I.P. Suzanne Somers, the thigh mistress, who has now finally achieved complete parity with John Ritter.

Did you know that she appeared on The Dating Game in 1974? Three’s Company didn’t start until 1977, but by the time she appeared on that game show she had already appeared as “Blonde in T-Bird” in American Graffiti, and had appeared uncredited as the topless pool girl in Magnum Force, as seen below.


Film Nudity

Suzanne appeared topless in Magnum Force (1973), which was lensed several years before she became a household name in Three’s Company.

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Posed shots

  • In 1972, she had posed for a poster that was used to sell water skis, a fact of which the company is duly proud. That highly respected company is still in business, and recently crowed that “they knew her first.”

    Suzanne was unknown at the time, so the topless image attracted little notice, but High Society magazine found it and published it in 1978, after she had become famous.

  • Suzanne had done some test shots for Playboy in 1970. They did not select her for the publication at the time, but they ended up publishing the photos in 1980, after she had become famous.

    Suzanne got in hot water when they came out, because she had claimed on the Tonight Show that she had never posed nude except for the one modest topless shot that had recently appeared in High Society. She admitted posing for a Playboy photographer, but claimed that her session had consisted solely of swimsuit modeling. Nobody has been able to figure out why she chose to fib about that while the photographer was still alive and able to contradict her. Playboy ran the photos, and her statement was exposed as a blatant lie.

    She dug her hole even deeper when she tried to spin the situation. She tried to divert attention from the fact that she had falsely denied the existence of the nude photos by changing the subject and saying that Playboy had published the photos without her permission. Once again, her deception was easily fact-checked. Playboy had paid her $3,000 for the session, and always got signed releases for every model, so they not only had her permission, but actually had explicit permission in writing!

  • Despite her lawsuit against Playboy over the 1980 issue, Suzanne was back in Playboy in 1984, this time in a (tame) spread that she controlled.


And then there was Thighmaster

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In the best game of the week, undefeated #7 Washington defeated formerly undefeated #8 Oregon when Oregon missed a game-tying field goal in the final seconds. It was a rare match-up of evenly matched squads. Oregon gained more yards, but kept going for it on fourth down and failing. Two of those attempts were deep in Washington territory and would probably have resulted in field goals.

USC had been in the top ten with an undefeated record when they ran into a Notre Dame buzzsaw. Final score: 48-20. Ouch.

Louisville’s hope for an undefeated season came to a halt when it got crushed by lowly Pitt, which had not previously won a conference game. Louisville had a halftime lead, but was outscored 24-0 in the second half.

Speaking of second half collapses, the Colorado Buffaloes were up 29-0 at halftime – and lost …

… and Michigan State blew a 24-6 lead in the fourth quarter – against Rutgers, which is obviously no longer the joke of the Big 10.

Air Force remained undefeated and somehow made the Top 25

That’s not the strangest poll result of the week. Undefeated James Madison finished just out of the top 25 at #26. I’d like to meet the voters who think the James Madison Dukes are one of the top 26 teams in the nation. That said, their weak schedule could result in an undefeated season, and they might get into a good bowl game. It might be fun to see what they could do against a team like Alabama.