My radar missed the fact that the fact that this film was released in Blu-Ray quality some time ago. Jamie looked incredible! Even C. Thomas Ponyboy couldn’t spoil her scenes.

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Speaking of Ponyboy, did you know his IMDb credits now number 224? He’s the guy they hire for a one-day job when Eric Roberts is busy. Come to think of it, Eric Roberts is always busy. He’s now up to 757 credits on IMDb, including 80 “upcoming.” Roberts takes so many jobs that he makes Ponyboy seem as picky as Daniel Day Lewis.

At last, I thought, a biographical film about my hero, the master of the pan flute. Who knew there would be so much nudity? Then I realized that I mistranslated. Although “fir” is the world for master, this is not Zamfir, master of the pan flute. It is Pamfir, master of the skin flute.

That explains the nudity.

Perhaps less known, Pamfir was also the master of the non-stick cooking spray.

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Emily Ratajkowski knows that paparazzi will follow her everywhere in NYC. It doesn’t matter whether she’s headed to a swanky bullshit event or just walking her dog. Despite the ubiquitous cameras, she gives zero fucks about strolling around Manhattan barely dressed. In this case, she’s wearing a semi-transparent dress with nothing beneath except a thong. E-Rat cannot be intimidated!


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