He comes for the souls, but stays for those delicious sizzlin’ steaks!

Very few people know that the Prince of Darkness likes his steaks medium rare, but they’re always overcooked down there in Hell, so he really enjoys an occasional business trip to KC. He will catch a Chiefs game from time to time, but he’s not really a football fan. He’s just a Swiftie!

(In baseball it goes without saying that he’s an Astros fan and usually sits with his close friend, Ted Cruz.)

Also, it’s nice to have a meal and small talk with some simple Kansas folks. Eating every meal with Judas, Hitler and Nixon can be tedious.

Judas: Hey, Nixon, enough with your pathetic crises, man. You wanna talk crisis? I betrayed the son of God. Let’s see you weasel out of that with some sappy speech about your dog. What was I going to say, “Look here, your omnipotence, Mrs. Judas wears a simple cloth coat, and I used my thirty pieces of silver to buy this cute little doggie named Checkers. The Judas kids love that dog, and I’m not giving him up.” God the Father was so angry he would have thrown Checkers into Hell with me and roasted both of us on a spit.

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“‘When I was in the White House, every single American had blonde hair, blue eyes, and porcelain skin,’ said the 45th president, adding that ever since Joe Biden was elected, there were suddenly all these Blacks, Latinos, and Asians who simply did not previously exist within the United States. ‘Now, there are non-whites. There are gays. And there are non-Christians.'”

Original title: “O Lado Bom De Ser Traida” (Something like, “The Bright Side of Being Betrayed”)

Giovanna’s scenes would be some of the best of the year if not for the artificial lighting schemes. If only the filmmakers had been satisfied with the lighting configuration they used in the first picture below, which is beautiful IMO!

Giovanna Lancellotti

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Louise D’Tuani

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Camilla de Lucas

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If you read this page regularly, you probably know how much I love baseball, but I just can’t get excited about a World Series between a 90-72 team and an 84-78 team. The D-Backs were tied for the 12th best record in baseball, and actually gave up more runs than they scored this season. This is a new phenomenon since the playoff system began. The 1987 Minnesota Twins (85-77) were the first team to win the World Series after allowing more runs than they scored in the regular season.

The closest any team ever came before the playoff structure was in 1959, when the 88-68 Dodgers had a run differential of +35. That year was pretty crazy. Both the Braves and the Giants scored more runs per game than the Dodgers. The same two teams also allowed fewer runs per game than the Dodgers. If you were to replay the season with one of those statistically accurate computer games like APBA, the Dodgers would have almost no chance to win the NL pennant. But win they did. Everything went their way. They tied the Braves for first place in the regular season, won the tie-breaker against the Braves, then won the World Series against a White Sox aggregation so devoid of offense that they had finished sixth in the eight-team AL in runs scored. (That was the one and only year that the Yankees sucked in the period from 1947 to 1964!)

Back to 2023 …

The only thing that interests me about the 2023 D-Backs is that they have a rookie who may be a future superstar: Corbin Carroll hit 25 homers, stole 54 bases, scored 116 runs, and led the NL in triples, thereby demonstrating both power and speed. He certainly doesn’t look like a superstar, at an unprepossessing 5’10” and 165 pounds. If you met him at a party and he told you he hit 25 homers in major league baseball this season, you’d think he was kidding.

There was one real oddity in the ALCS this year, already known to you lovers of the game, but perhaps of interest to casual observers: the road team won every single game in the Rangers/Astros series. That has only happened twice in history in a seven-game post-season series, and in both cases the Astros were the losing team. The Astros had trouble at home during the 2023 regular season as well. (They were 39-42 at home, 51-30 on the road.)