Predictably enough, they filled the top five spots with the five undefeated teams from major conferences, then filled most of the remaining spots with the one-loss teams from major conferences, followed by the top 6-2 teams. They reserved the 24th and 25th spots for Tulane and undefeated Air Force. They didn’t try to crowbar undefeated James Madison onto the list.

The committee has not been as impressed as the coaches and sportswriters with the achievements of Georgia. They ranked Georgia second behind THE Ohio State University.

Sagarin’s computer rankings are even less enthusiastic about Georgia. His choice for #1 is Michigan. He ranks Georgia 4th, behind Michigan, Ohio State and once-defeated Alabama. (The official committee places Alabama in the 8th slot.) Sagarin ranks undefeated Florida State 9th, and drops undefeated Washington all the way to 15th.

For what it’s worth, I agree with the committee’s decision to place THE OSU on the top. The Buckeyes have defeated two other teams that are currently in the top 15, while Michigan has not faced a ranked team all year, and Georgia’s only ranked opponent was Kentucky, which was #20 at the time, but has since dropped far off the leader board (Sagarin has them way down at #43). The Michigan / Ohio State dispute will get decided face-to-face on Thanksgiving weekend. Georgia, meanwhile, will now be tested. They face ranked teams the next three weeks, and even if they run that gauntlet undefeated, they will probably have to face off with mighty Alabama for the SEC championship.

Just a curious bit of trivia.

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She became a familiar star from her role as Troi in Star Trek: TNG; and her pre-Troi nude roles from the 1983-85 era are well known to fans of celebrity nudity; but her brief appearance in The Thief of Baghdad (1978, seen above) is obscure.


The Harem Girl appearance occurred five years before any of her familiar nude scenes (below):

The Wicked Lady (1983)

Blind Date (1984)

Death Wish III (1985)

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Her sexiest scene on Star Trek: TNG

And one post-Trek nude scene in Paradise Lost (1999)

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There was frontal and rear nudity from a major international star, yet the scene didn’t draw much attention in the annual voting for the year’s best nude scene, probably because she was 53 years old and it’s all about the young ‘uns.

But even though she finished way back in 40th place on last year’s poll, damned if she didn’t look absolutely terrific in Infinite Storm, as seen here in 4K captures.

image host image host image host image host

Although Naomi has never made the top five, or even the top ten, on our annual lists, she has appeared farther down the list in three previous years:

2001 for Mulholland Drive

2003 for 21 Grams

2010 for Mother and Child