Amanda Bearse in Fright Night

She was Marcy in Married With Children, and this is the closest she ever came to nudity.

Great collage by Penman

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My thought: the obviously real cleavage showing when she appears in her bra doesn’t seem to represent the same breasts beneath the diaphanous gown. My guess is that she was wearing a prosthetic chest in the see-through scene, but I don’t know that for a fact.

Prosthetics confirmed in the comments. Also find there some leads to a possible Bearse topless scene.

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  1. That is indeed a prosthetic according to imdb. She reportedly even brought the prosthetics on a conventions years later. She did go topless when she was much older in an obscure short film called Give Or Take An Inch. At least I think it was her the shots are all blurry but you do get to see her face and boob at one point. Anyway you can watch the whole thing on YouTube.

    1. Thanks for the tip. Accurate description. Yes, difficult to be sure what I’m looking at, but I guess that’s Bearse’s nipple. She still looked good at 45. Also, a near-miss on the 40-ish Michele Greene’s bare boob struck me worth a mention.

      As for Marcy’s personality on MWC… It’s fiction. There’s writing, directing, & acting that all stand between us & the actor’s own personality. # eps she directed in last 6 seasons: 2 3 5 6 6 9. Of an avg 24 shows a season, in which Marcy’s acting credits equals Peggy’s, beats Kelly’s, & trails only Bud’s & Al’s, all by only 1 or 2 eps.

      1. O’Neill must have felt that she was valuable to the show.

        It is much to Ed O’Neill’s credit that he never pushed his magic button. He really could have gotten rid of her any time he wanted to, but never chose to, as much as he disliked her. That seems to be a testimony to her value in the production.

  2. She & Ed O’Neill despised each other. I saw an interview with him in which he said she was trying to get him fired. He cornered her and said “You think they’re gonna fire me?! I’m the star of the show. One word from me to the right person and you’re out. So tread lightly.” Then he chuckled like Al Bundy. Just the fact that he’d tell that story in an interview made me laugh.

    I also love that Britney Spears asked for a pic in an airport with him and he had no idea who she is. None. Gotta love Ed.

    1. That’s a funny story. She was the least important character on the show by far. The weekly bimbos where more important to the show. They could have changed her out with about anyone and not lost a viewer except maybe her mom. The show was great but I always thought her scenes where a mostly a waste. Al on the other hand was the show so trying to get him fired is a hoot.

    2. I’m not saying you made up the O’Neill/Bearse feud, but she did direct 31 episodes of the series during the last six years it ran, which would be a pretty inconceivable boost of responsibility for a secondary actress who was told at some point by the show’s star he could easily have her fired.

      1. He is correct about what Ed said, and he is correct that Ed simply didn’t like her. (And vice-versa)

        1. FWIW, I found this gossip juicier than I’d generally wish be known. The full clip gave more texture to the story, too. Glad I didn’t just listen to the default last half-minute.

    1. She was supposed to be more of an older mom type in MwC so they changed her hair to make her look different. She wasn’t that young in Fright Night, but she was playing a much younger role so they made her look that way. They can add or subtract years from someone’s look as they need.

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