Britney – usual shenanigans

There’s nothing new to see here, but I linked to it so you can see that the Christmas tree is gone, although this one is supposed to be from Monday – so we might presume it was filmed after the ones of her in the purple lingerie.

This leads me to wonder when all of these dance videos were actually filmed. Could Soused Stepdad be right with his theory that Britney is either dead or in seclusion, and that all of these videos are either from a vault of old footage or (less likely) a body double? Could the purple lingerie one really be new? October 8th or 9th is a little early for a Christmas tree, even for crazy people.

(Having made that statement, I have to hedge my bet by noting that I stopped in Lowe’s for some duct tape today, and the first thing I saw as I entered was a Santa-bedecked display of Christmas trees. In contrast, my cable provider has two Hallmark channels, and they have not yet started running Christmas movies. You know you’re jumping the gun when you’re celebrating Christmas before Hallmark.)

2 thoughts on “Britney – usual shenanigans

  1. Recent paparazzi photos show her to be heavier. So you are probably right that these videos are old.

    1. When she posted the ones of her in the purple lingerie, I thought “she’s losing weight and getting in shape.” I suppose it’s really because she turned back time.

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