“Golfer” Paige Spiranac goes full Baywatch

Nobody really knows why she did this, but she looks good in the red swimsuit.

And it goes without saying that this is perfect golf attire.

5 thoughts on ““Golfer” Paige Spiranac goes full Baywatch

  1. This reminds me of a joke from the 1970s British sketch comedy T.V show ‘The Two Ronnies.’
    In every episode Ronnie Corbett would mean to tell a joke while sitting in an armchair but would get sidetracked before eventually giving the punchline. However, the joke itself was often still good.

    A woman arrives on a deserted island where a man has been stranded. On seeing him, she says ‘you poor, poor man, how long has it been since you’ve had fruit?’ and she immediately takes an orange out of her dress and gives it to him.

    Then she says, ‘how long has it been since you’ve eaten good food?’ And she immediately pulls out of her dress a block of cheese.

    Then she says ‘how long has it been since you’ve played around?’ and she starts to unzip her dress.

    And he replies ‘You’ve got a set of golf clubs with you!?!”

    1. LOL! What it reminds me of is a song I think is from the 1890’s, called My Gal’s a Corker. It has a line that goes “She’s got a pair of hips just like two battleships”.

      1. She once swept an Admiral clear off his feet
        The ships on her hips made his heart skip a beat
        And now the old boy’s in command of the fleet

        1. Not one of their best movies but definitely one of Groucho’s best songs. Thanks for posting this, Scoop. After this week, we need it.

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