Harry Dick lives on Harry Dick Road

And he sees nothing funny about it!

More important, he wants people to stop stealing his road sign.

2 thoughts on “Harry Dick lives on Harry Dick Road

  1. A little over 30 years ago, my friend Rob and I were looking for an apartment to share in Rensselaer County, NY. We had looked at a couple of places together, but then I had to go to work. I managed a pizza place at the time. Rob went and looked at an apartment complex just outside of Troy, NY. He called and told me he liked it. After I hung up the phone, I looked for the complex on the giant map we had on the wall. I found it right off Route 7, on McChesney Ave. I immediately called Rob back and asked him if there was something about the apartment he was saving as a surprise. He didn’t get what I was referring to, so I asked him what street it was on. Then he got it. I really don’t understand why that took him so long. We ended up living on McChesney Ave for almost two years. It was really weird whenever I had to give someone my name and address. “Michael McChesney, 100 McChesney Ave…” I thought about stealing the sign, but I never did. But I do have a picture.

    Hey Scoop, did you ever live on Uncle Scoopy Lane?

    1. No, but I read a Superman comic book with Lois Lane. Does that count?

      I’m guessing there must be dozens of Lois Lanes in the world. Maybe a few Della Streets. Probably not a single Uncle Scoopy Boulevard. (Could I be satisfied with a mere “lane”?)

      So if anyone reading this is in charge of street names in a new development, this is your chance to be unique.

      Hint: This would be especially appropriate in Kawasaki, Japan, with the dedication to be held on Giant Pink Japanese Penis Day, or as they call it in Japan, Giant Pink Penis Day.

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