Mia Khalifa Kicked Off Playboy Platform After Pro-Hamas Tweets!

Add Playboy to the Zionist list because they have kicked her off Centerfold”

25 thoughts on “Mia Khalifa Kicked Off Playboy Platform After Pro-Hamas Tweets!

  1. Dave Barry wrote a piece called “25 Things I Have Learned in 50 Years“.

    Number 7 is “They can hold all the peace talks they want, but there will never be peace in the Middle East. Billions of years from now, when Earth is hurtling toward the Sun and there is nothing left alive on the planet except a few microorganisms, the microorganisms living in the Middle East will be bitter enemies.”

    That is one of the few things written about the Middle East that I agree with.

  2. I can understand being pro Palistine/anti Isreal, but Hamas just straight up murdered a bunch of civilians and is threatening to execute more. Being pro Hamas is crazy.

    1. Hamas seemingly murdered not just a bunch of civilians, but a bunch of Israeli civilians who are the most likely to be sympathetic to Palestine. Why? Because they aren’t ‘freedom fighters’ they are a gang of thugs who want to benefit from chaos and are best compared to Charles Manson.

  3. Since you’re obviously too dense to figure it out on your own, this would constitute going to war with Iran. That’s not something you do on a whim.

    1. Since you like to always insult with your responses, Since you can’t read I was quoting Lindsay Graham you do know who he is or are you too dense. If the US had used your logic Hitler would have won, you confront the enemy not keep annoying it. You think Iran can do anything they only seem like that because no one confronts them. Late 20’s and 30’s everyone ignored Hitler until it was too late. To end the Gaza problem will have to be done like World War 2. Hitler died in rubble, Japans empire ended in rubble and Gaza and Hamas will end in rubble.

      1. I’d insult your intelligence if you had any, but that not being the case, I’ll just stick to insulting your all-encompassing ignorance.
        Iran is a large country with a large military. This would be a major undertaking. And it would delight the hell out of both Russia and China if we got ourselves stuck in something like that.

        1. If you had any intelligence I guess your still smoking weed Lindsey Graham said it. I only agreed with it . No one said go into Iran again your brain matter is gone I guess .He said bomb oil fields by missile on the Gerald Ford and by air. This won’t happen and unless we have actual knowledge of Iran having directed Hamas attack so this argument is mute. I’m done I had friends who escaped from Israel and 1 member of their family who was killed so I will go to console them instead of arguing.

    1. I will teach you history like i taught you drumming. Drumming is a matter of opinion glad you remember when I showed you facts. But on this topic you have no clue, I have studied this all my life so you will not win without facts and you will find none.

      1. Your Bonzo facts were a big cut and paste from Wiki. You don’t know squat on your own. And as I recall you were saying I should have taught myself from Bonzo, even if the man wasn’t going to be recorded for another four years yet.
        Anytime you can make a connection from the Diaspora to the 1900s to show Jewish possession, I’m ready. But then didn’t the Bible put it as “between the Euphrates and the Egyptian river”?

        1. Didn’t use Wiki got from another source and so you know the Bible is not history example New Testament.

  4. I just want to know who was paying Playboy for naked pics of somebody who has an endless buffet of hardcore work readily available on the web for free?

    Or so I’ve heard, anyway.

  5. Anyone who supports Hamas should hand in their humanity card. Might as well be a Nazi and openly wear a swastika.

    1. Well, I’m definitely anti-Hamas. But I’m only ambiguous toward Zion. I don’t know how to square a “jewish state” with a “democratic state” while displacing prior residents on a purely religion basis. Once Israelis can agree on a legitimate attempt to solve that puzzle, then I’ll study it carefully before I decide which way I stand. Till then, I do not commit myself to Israel’s right to exist.

      1. Lets make 1 thing clear, There has never been a country Palestine.

        Was Palestine a country before Israel?
        Syria Palaestina was established by the merger of Roman Syria and Roman Judaea, following the defeat of the Bar Kokhba revolt in 135 AD and was a Roman province between 135 AD and about 390. Shortly after 193, the northern regions were split off as Syria Coele in the north and Phoenice in the south, and the province Syria Palaestina was reduced to Judea. The Jewish state of Judea existed before the Roman creation of Palestine (Syria Palestina).

          1. You need to do your homework a mandate is not a state and the point was its been the jews land from the beginning before mandates and decisions by other countries league of nations then UN.

          2. Randy, you might as well say we should all piss off and leave the country to the Natives. “It was like that for a long time, a long time ago” may be true but it is not relevant.

      2. “You can’t run a country by a book of religion
        Not by a heap or a lump or a smidgeon”

        1. If your not from this area Nature Boy you should all piss off, When Israel takes Hamas off the face of this earth for the beheading of children and women, Israel will try to bring peace to area , can’t do it as long as Hamas exists .The US should hold Iran responsible they funded Hamas for years, and this was planned for years. I agree with Lindsay Graham 1 time. Bomb Iran oil fields and hit them where it hurts the pocket book.

          1. One of the lesser bad things about Hamas’s recent actions is that they make drivel like this sound slightly less like an All-Star Wrestling between-matches interview. (Or an Eagles fan on a more-chill day.)
            You might think a group that had recently been treated like the Israelis would be more hesitant to concentrate a group of people into an encampment, then start chiseling away at the edges of that encampment while calling them animals who can’t govern themselves.
            Don’t worry though, Spunky, we are still sending Israel 9 million dollars every single day, working legislature or no.

          2. That money Nature Mom is Keeping the US out of war. And Remember Israel didn’t create Gaza or the West Bank came from past Arab losses and negotiations. Arab countries didn’t want these refugees it was left to Israel and Israel never initiates conflict they only finish it.

          3. Keeping us out of war? Tell that to (among others) Our Troops on the USS Liberty killed by the Israelis in the Six-Day War.
            No the Israelis didn’t create Gaza, in the same sense that I didn’t create Kentucky. But they did ram it full of Palestinians and build a wall around it.
            OK, I’m out; the last word is yours. Check your ass for heads before replying though.

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