Shannon Whirry topless in Private Obsession (1995)

With her spectacular natural body, Shannon was a true princess of the hyphen world (straight-to-vid and made-for-cable) in the 1990s, but has now chosen to disappear almost completely into private life. Per Wikipedia: “She occasionally performs with theater companies in Arizona, where she lives, and has continued appearing in small roles in films, including an independent film, Raising Buchanan, in 2019.” To the best of my knowledge, Raising Buchanan is her only screen appearance in the last ten years.

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3 thoughts on “Shannon Whirry topless in Private Obsession (1995)

  1. When those bazongas popped out on Skinemax you knew a good time about to be had – last time I saw her was probably Carrey suckling her teet in Me Myself & Irene

    1. Me too.

      She had some credits after that, but that was the last time I can remember seeing her, and I’d occasionally wonder what happened to her.

  2. When asked if her assets were indeed all natural, Shannon replied, “What, me Whirry?”

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